Monday, February 1, 2010

Solsystem.....jorda snurrer rundt og runt??

Oliver er en nyskjerrig gutt, lurer pa alt mulig, forrige uke ville han vite om jorda og hvordan"space" var.......tenkte hva er bedre enn a lage solsystem... sa vi lagde ett og tror han foler at han har fatt noen svar??? Han er en gutt som vil ha svar og utrolig opptatt av "super hero's" vil alltid kle seg opp i en og annen super hero's drakt:0) Han fortalte pappa at jorda snurrer rund og rundt, selv om dette er noe han ikke liker spesielt godt...snurre rundt og rundt,vi ma alltid passe pa at alt skal ga frem og tilbake:0) og ikke rundt og rundt uansett hva det matte vere......

Har vert litt darlig til a blogge denne uken, skal prove litt mere;0) lover!!

Har hatt lyst til a snakke om oss mere og hvordan jeg holder spraket levende og selvfolgelig pa norsk;0) Mye hard jobbing og en mor med sta personlighet;0)
Jeg lover og snakke mere om det, denne uken!!

Klem Siw

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ufattelig trist.........

When I stress about all those little things in life, all that small stuff, and we forget to stop and look around and cherish the moment, and take a deep breath cause life is to short!!! ...... I just found out that someone I know just died, so young, to young..... I'm crying this is so sad....I m thinking of all your family and your close friends and, You were a great person, a person that spread happyness around you, You will be missed rest in peace Dear Frode........


Today I have been working a little on my own thing , selling childrens clothes online it's fun, I love the shopping and the selling part of it;0) In the back ground I have the show on wife swap so funny, they match people together that is so different!! this show really make me feel good;0) or normal!! lol Leah has tap dance today, and Joe is in a meeting, crossing my fingers for him!! So today for dinner is the kids favorite Tomatsuppe from norway with egg, n macaroni mmmmm jummy!! have to go get the kids from school now;0)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have so many thing s to do!! Laundry......always laundry.....!!But that was not what I had in min today!!(tomorrow:0)! It was more....lets do some arts n craft with Oliver, who is my 2. child and I guess I have been lacking on being artistic with him, not good!! Last week I got him his first desk or table with his crayon's, paint n stuff for him to do more arts n craft, added some thing's to that today, foam letters n other fun things. So we decided to make the solar system with planets n all! So I went n line to see the order of the planets, n to remember them all, it's been a long time!! We saw all the planets and the order, we wrote down the order and colours of the planets, found a lot of good web sites!! But then I got really bothered, worried!!!! All these web sites about 21.12 2012???? got me thinking??? what to think??? It's scary, and not something I really want to think about.......the end of the world!!! and all these predictions!!! What to believe?? hmmmm
But we got our little planet system done, we did all of the planets, colours n we had fun!! This time with him is so precious!! I want time to stop!! All I can do is to enjoy the moments with him and my Leah (who is 9 going on 16?) But she is still my little girl!! I LOVE my kid's!! It's the hardest job in the world......but the best!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Morgen stund har gull i munn.......mandag......

Well the saying "morgenstund har gull i munn" meaning "the mornig is great with gold in it's mouth?" i guess is the translation......well We are up and going for a new week of work, school, homework, dance classes.......n more ......I never really said what I do for a living, well I have been a stay at home mom like it's called, and it has been great to bee there for my kids!! When we moved from Norway to America I wanted to stay home with my kids or only one at that time;0) Before that I worked 10 years for a Norwegian fashion clothing company called Bik Bok I was a region manager. It was a great job I love clothes and fashion for me and the kids! I think I miss working, to feel that feeling of independence so something is going to change sooooooon!! I work a little with my husband he/we have a wedding photography company have been learning that business over the years. It's fun to learn photography, and it's great to be at weddings, everybody is soooo Happy!! Well one thing I have been doing since we moved here is Norwegian weddings, Norwegians that comes here to get married from Norway! They have destination weddings at the Norwegian seamen’s church in Miami and New York, we have about 60 weddings a year!! So that is so much fun and we get to meet all these Norwegians ;0) Well that is all for now;0)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday I love sundays!

Woke up early today, did some work and saw a movie with Leah, an english movie called Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (that means kissing in american english) cute Leah liked it she giggled the whole movie! Went to the mall just me and Leah so nice to get that time with her;0) Joe and Oliver was home watching the Jets game, cant do that don't understand anything!! so boring!! Now at 9 pm I trying to learn this blog thing, got my background today;0) looks nice!! I love it!! now I m going to see my show that starts soon Desperate housewife's, loove it!! I have waited almost a year for it to start again!!